HyperRoc™ Project
We have a Need, a Need for Speed! That is the whole
purpose of this project to develop a Civilian Hypersonic
Pictures and Updates
The World's First Civilian Hypersonic Vehicle!
HyperRoc Vehicle Specifications:

™ will Fly at approximately Seven Times the Speed of Sound!

Length: ~ 6 ft. 10 in. (HyperRoc Only)
Width:~ 20 in. (including fins)
Height: ~ 12 in. (including fins)
Weight: ~ 100 lbs.

Booster: UAISRM-10
HyperRoc Engines: HSE-03

Video: 2 - HD Auto Zoom
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General Planview of HyperRoc!
First Look Computer Model!
Full View 1 of HyperRoc!
HRTV-03 Full View!
Countdown to Next Test Flight Clock:
Launch Site: South Texas Spaceport!
General Planview of HyperRoc!
Adding the Heat Protection!
Full View 2 of HyperRoc!
Heat Protection!
Full View 2 of HyperRoc!