South Texas Spaceport
3,2,1.....Liftoff!  Launches have begun!
Promoting and Developing Aerospace in Texas!
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South Texas Spaceport - Promoting and Developing Aerospace in TEXAS!
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Next Launch:  20200125
Launch Site F
South Texas Spaceport - Launch Sites  A, B, and C
Launch Site Map
Port Mansfield - A Great Place for Fun and Good People!
Port Mansfield
The World's First Civilian Manned Spaceport!
South Texas Spaceport News and Updates!
20100706 - STS moving forward with Orbital Launch plans despite hindrance
of the FAA and CST!
20100707 - STS will be hosting a Sub Orbital International Launch in 2011!
South Texas Spaceport Capabilities:

Multiple launch sites for greatest mission capability and interaction with the
Port Mansfield community.

Sub Orbital launching facility with capabilities of launching from land or the
Gulf of Mexico.

An altitude limit of 350km. (Orbital capability will begin when the orbital launch
facilities are completed.)
Typical Flight Path of STS Launch!
STS Flight Path
Vehicle to Launch:   MLV-M0CXL!
Countdown to LiftOFF Clock!
RamRocket MLV-M0CXO
We Have Expanded!
STS - New Launch Sites!
New Launch Sites!
20141020 - STS has expanded to accommodate Orbital Operations starting in