Pollino/Coyote PVC Rocket!
The World's First PVC Rocket for the Masses!
Schedule 40 Ready for LiftOff!
Launch Site: South Texas Spaceport!
Next Launch Date: 2017
Countdown to LiftOff Clock:
PVC2S-01 Vehicle!
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Pollino/Coyote Rocket!
Recreational Launch: 2011 Nominal
Research Launch: 2011 Anomally
Recreational Launch: 2011 Nominal
Test Launch Schedule: 2010 Nominal
Pollino Coyote PVC Rocket
Inverse Engineering
The inspiration for this rocket came from Dan Pollino and here is his website! You
can also check him out on YouTube! (SolidSkateBoards)
Parts is Parts!
Motor Parts!
Fins and Parts!
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Pollino/Coyote PVC Rocket!
Launch Controller Parts!
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Coming Soon! PCR-02