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Katherine Stromlund - Candidate for Representative - New York!
Terry W. Wheelock - THE INDEPENDENT PARTY - Candidate!
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Katherine Stromlund 2020
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Katherine Stromlund 2020

My name is Katherine Stromlund and I am running for State Representative in the Great State of

The TOP FIVE Issues:


Oklahoma ranks 46th with a D in education, unacceptable! The children are the future of our state and
country, if they are uninformed and uneducated, this state and country will be in dire straits. We have a
lottery that is suppose to go to education and we need to find incentives to find and retain teachers that
have our children’s education as their main interest!


For commercial purposes, we should be against this. There are too many individuals out there that would
abuse this. It is an addictive substance and the commercialization of addiction is not good. But, well
regulated medicinal and personal use is a right of all people. We must consider the second hand smoke,
as other people would be at risk!


We are not against immigration; we are against the illegal entry and the cost that it puts on each
individual state. Jails are overcrowded and the welfare system is over worked. If you want to come to the
United States, do it legally! However, we understand that there are circumstances that would have people
“migrate” or flee (refugees) and come here, such as danger (gangs), poverty, political unrest,
persecution; but we do need to make sure that the people coming here are not criminals or terrorists.


This one is a tough issue, although with the creation of the morning after pill no woman should have to
wait up to 20 weeks to decide to abort. Unless of course, there is a health issue with mother and child,
and the taxpayers should not have to pay for it.

Term Limits

Everyone should have a chance to serve their government and if term limits were a part of the election
process, more people would show an interest in how our state and country works and might actually step
up to the plate to help. Or, we need to create limits that beholden public servants to serve all the people,