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Independent (I)
Independent Party (IP)
Independent Candidate (IC)
Independent Committee (ICM)
Independent National Committee (INC)
(Insert Nation Here) Independent National Committee (_INC)
Independent State Committee (ISC)
(Insert State Here) Independent State Committee (_ISC)
Independent Convention (ICN)
Independent National Convention (INC) (INCV)
(Insert Nation Here) Independent State Convention (_ISC)
Independent Platform (IPF)
Independent National Platform (INP)
(Insert Nation Here) Independent National Platform (_INP)
(Insert State Here) Independent State Platform (_ISP)
Independent Debates (ID)
(Insert Nation Here) Independent Debates (_ID)
(Insert State Here) Independent Debates (_ID)
Independent National Debates (IND)
Independent Presidential Debates (IPD)
Insert Nation Here) Independent National Debates (_IND)
Insert State Here) Independent State Debates (_ISD)
(Insert Nation Here) Independent Party (_IP)
(Insert State Here) Independent Party (_IP)
The Independent Party (TIP)
The Independent Party International (TIPI)
The Independent Party Worldwide (TIPW)
The Independent Party (Insert Nation Here)(TIP_)
The Independent Party of (Insert Nation Here) (TIPO_)
The Independent Party of the United States of America (TIPUSA)
The Independent Party USA (TIP-USA)
The Independent Party America (TIPA)
The Independent Party (Insert State Here) (TIP_)
The Independent Party of (Insert State Here)(TIPO_)
The Independent Candidate (TIC)
The Independent Party Candidate (TIPC)
The Independent Committee (TICM)
The Independent National Committee (TINC) (INC)
The Independent National Convention (TINCN)
The Independent Platform (TIPF)
The Independent National Platform (TINP)
The Independent Debates (TID)
The Independent Presidential Debates (TIPD)

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