Gyros™ Gymnastics Team
Stacey Bryant, Ashleigh Buck, Krystal Endicott, Logan Henderson, Brandon LePla, Kenni Macalik,
Monica Ridgway, Keely Roberts, Allison Romigh, Rodney Thomas, Cara Whiteley, Travis Young,
Tiffany Young

Former Gyros™ Team Members
Lindsey Casamassima, Leah Bosworth, Elyse Pearson, Ashley Rogus, Stephanie Rogus, Russell

Joey Christensen, Suzanne Christensen, Kristie Davidson, Melissa Smith
Gyros Gymnastics Team
Building Champions one Trick at a Time!
Gyros Gymnastics Team
Kenni Macalik
Gyros Gymnastics Team - The History of the Greatest Gymnastics Team in the Universe!
Gyros Gymnastics Team
History of the "GYROS"!

The "Gyros" Gymnastics Team was started in 1968 by Robert Cowan. Other great coaches of the
Gyros are Steve Snow, Herb Kirkpatrick, Chris Cowan, and Carolyn Riehl. One Gyros Moto is
"Once a Gyro, Always a Gyro!"

Two short years later Robert and the Gyros acquired their First State Championship! Since then
they have amassed
Twenty Two State Championships, Four National Championships, and Two
World Championship Titles!
The Gyros have now won over 25,000 trophies, medals, and
ribbons, and over 600 of which are for First Place! In 1978 and 1980 the Gyros were invited to tour
European Countries to compete and exhibit with gymnasts from around Europe. To this date
this is the
only private club in US history to have accomplished this.

1984 Robert Cowan moved onto head the Men's Program for the United States Gymnastics
Where his leadership helped contribute to the Men's Olympic Gold Medal Team in
1984! The Gyros have been in suspended animation, but now They're Back!

In 1995 the Gyros were reawakened at World Gymnastics Training Centers, Inc.. Since then they
have added
260 more trophies, medals, and ribbons the count, 8 Team Golds, 24 All-Around
, and 50 Event Golds!
Team Members! It is Happening, The Book is Finally being
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