At World Gymnastics Training Centers, Inc. our philosophy is teach children gymnastics in a
Safe, Enjoyable Atmosphere, and pro-actively enhance their self esteem. As a privately owned
and operated business we offer the community a safety oriented,
World Class Program of
for preschool through elite levels. Our experienced Coaching Staff is well trained,
safety conscious, and all are Degreed and Certified Members of the World Gymnastics Federation
and the United States Gymnastics Federation.

Children are evaluated and placed in classes that will best suit their present physical abilities and
skill needs.
Progression in classes is based on individual ability. This is the most unrestricted
method and allows the child to determine their own rate of growth.
Ribbons and Certificates are
rewarded when the children achieve certain skills at different levels.
Evaluations are every three
months, therefore, the more the children practice, the faster they will progress.

Participation in our Sport offers growth and helps in development at every stage of a child's life.
Besides the obvious physical attributes of
Strength and Flexibility, gymnastics develops Self
, Self Discipline, Genuine Self Esteem, Group Participation, and the Emotional
and Moral State of Mind!

Our Family at World Gymnastics Training Centers, Inc. would like to invite your Family to view
our facilities, and share in
The Greatest Sport in the World, GYMNASTICS!
Providing your Community with World Class Gymnastics Programs for All Ages!
World Gymnastics Training Centers Inc.
World Gymnastics Training Centers Inc.
Program Structure at WGTC:

Level 1
Beginner Educational
Level 2 Intermediate Educational
Level 3 Advanced Educational

Level 4 Beginner Recreational/Compulsory
Level 5 Intermediate Recreational/Compulsory
Level 6 Advanced Recreational/Compulsory

Level 7 Beginner Optional
Level 8 Intermediate Optional
Level 9 Advanced Optional

Level 10 Elite Optional