The World Gymnastics University (WGU) was founded so all People can become Certified or
Degreed as a Professional, for Teaching, Coaching, or Administrating in the Sport of Gymnastics!

Artistic, Rhythmic, Acrobatic, Performance,
and General Gymnastics!

The WGU is the First and Only Officially Recognized World Wide Gymnastics Accreditation
World Gymnastics University
The First and Only WorldWide Accredited University for Gymnastics!
World Gymnastics University
Learn about anything to with gymnastics at the
World Gymnastics University!
Degrees and Certification Levels at the World Gymnastics University:

Level 1D Beginner Developmental
Level 2D Intermediate Developmental
Level 3D Advanced Developmental
BAS Teaching Developmental Gymnastics

Level 1 Beginner Educational
Level 2 Intermediate Educational
Level 3 Advanced Educational
BAS Teaching Educational Gymnastics

Level 4 Beginner Compulsory/Recreational
Level 5 Intermediate Compulsory/Recreational
Level 6 Advanced Compulsory/Recreational
BAS Teaching/Coaching Gymnastics

Level 7 Beginner Optional/Competitive
Level 8 Intermediate Optional/Competitive
Level 9 Advanced Optional/Competitive
MAS Coaching Gymnastics

Level 10 Elite Optional
PhD Coaching Gymnastics

Administration, Management, Development
PdD Coaching/Managing Gymnastics