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"We the People" demand the leader of the people, be
selected by the people, is for the people, and will protect the
people of the United States of America!
So help us God!
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"CAN DO a Better Job!" for All Americans!
"Will Serve and Protect!" the purpose of Government!
"Will Bring Back Fiscal Responsibility!" to Government!
"Will Deliver Universal Health Care!" for All Americans!
"CAN Power Up Energy!" for National Security!
"Will Launch US into Space the Final Frontier!" not just the Government!  
"Will Ensure that Work is a Right!" of All Americans!  
"Will run a NO Funding Raising Campaign!" keep your Money!
"Will start Education of the Future, NOW!" for All  Americans!
"Will Communicate with the World!" and Listen!
"Will Open Up Doors for Those Coming to America!" through the Front Door!
"You CAN DO and America WILL DO for You!"
Vote WHEELOCK 2020 - For a BETTER America, For a BETTER World!
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Updated: 20150430
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February 04, 2015

A NEW threat, the same as the old threat, but now it has gone to far! Three strikes and they are OUT!

Strike 1: You MURDER people in the "NAME" of "YOUR GOD"!

Strike 2: You BEHEAD people in the "NAME" of "YOUR GOD"! And now.....

Strike 3: You BURN people ALIVE in the "NAME" of "YOUR GOD"!

This has NOTHING to do with GOD! This is NOTHING to do with Islam, Christianity, Judaism, or ANY RELIGION!
This is just pure and simply UNCIVILIZED BEHAVIOR that is unacceptable in a CIVILIZED WORLD!

The perpetrators of these crimes will be brought to justice for these CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY! The PEOPLE

Sincerely and Respectfully,
Terry W. Wheelock
Candidate for President of the United States 2016!


April 19, 2015

Simply, YOUR NAME, YOUR LIKENESS, YOUR IMAGE, YOUR INFORMATION, are copyright and trademark YOU!

The use of any of this is subject to YOUR APPROVAL and may not be transmitted or disseminated by any means
without this approval! And, even if you give approval, none of this can be distorted as to cause damage or

Sincerely and Respectfully,
Terry W. Wheelock
Candidate for President of the United States 2016!
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April 30, 2015

In America we have the RIGHT to protest, to civil disobedience, to challenge abuse of privilege, to stand up to
unlawful behavior.....but we do not have a right to steal, loot, and destroy personal property!

I stand with the people of Baltimore and I ask the them to take charge of their protest and stop this unacceptable

And, I ask ALL "law enforcement" nationwide to become PEACE OFFICERS, and to eliminate the COPS from their
ranks! Remember it is your PRIVILEGE to SERVE and PROTECT when necessary ALL Citizens of this the
Greatest Nation!

Sincerely and Respectfully,
Terry W. Wheelock
Candidate for President of the United States 2016!