"natural born Citizen" Eligibility Challenge!
Do THEY Meet the Requirements!!
"We the People" demand the leader of the people, be
selected by the people, is for the people, and will protect the
people of the United States of America!
So help us God!
VOTE! WHEELOCK! 2016: The BEST Choice!

"CAN DO a Better Job!" for All Americans!
"Will Serve and Protect!" the purpose of Government!
"Will Bring Back Fiscal Responsibility!" to Government!
"Will Deliver Universal Health Care!" for All Americans!
"CAN Power Up Energy!" for National Security!
"Will Launch US into Space the Final Frontier!" not just the Government!  
"Will Ensure that Work is a Right!" of All Americans!  
"Will run a NO Funding Raising Campaign!" keep your Money!
"Will start Education of the Future, NOW!" for All  Americans!
"Will Communicate with the World!" and Listen!
"Will Open Up Doors for Those Coming to America!" through the Front Door!
"You CAN DO and America WILL DO for You!"

A Candidate MUST be a "natural born Citizen"!
A Candidate MUST be at Least 35 Years of Age!
A Candidate MUST have Resided Within the US for at Least the last 14 Years!
Vote! Wheelock! 2016 - For a BETTER America and World!
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Vote! Wheelock! 2016 - For a BETTER America and World!
The Issue!
Does a Presidential Candidate meet the Requirements to Run for President?
A Candidate MUST meet these Requirements to Run for President!
Obama WAS NOT and IS NOT a
"natural born Citizen"!
Obama WAS NOT and IS NOT
ELIGIBLE to RUN of BE for President!
"natural born Citizen"

A Child Born of Two Parents who are BOTH, US Citizens at the Time of That Childs Birth!
Latest News!

121214 - An Official Petition has been filed with the US Government and Obama to investigate!
This Challenge has been extended to Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Bobby Jindal since
they are trying to fraudulently claim the same status or eligibility as Barrack Obama!

Success - Cruz, Rubio, and Jindal are out of the race due to our legal challenge! We
continue to challenge Obama and ALL actions he has taken as an UNLAWFUL