URI Equipment
Launch Equipment, Tools, Supplies, the things you need to make your Rocket Fly!
Easy Launchers!
Classic Woodys!
PVC Plastics!
Metal Monsters!
Launch Systems: Matching Controller and Pads!
Multi Launchers!
Simple and Easy for the Beginner.....Cost Effective Too!
Nothing is Better than Poly Vinyl Chloride!  The Way to the Future!
For Those Whom are Crafty!
Gettin to the Big STUFF! You Gotta Lay Some PIPE!
A Whole Lotta Launchin Goin On!  PVC or Wood for Clubs!
Universal Rockets Inc.
Low Cost Rocketry Launch Equipment!
Low Cost Rocketry
Launch Equipment
Easy Launch!
Easy Launch
Launch System 01!
Launch System 01
These are Launch Systems, Launch Controllers, and Launch Pads we have built and used over the Years!
Classic Woody 1!
PVC Plastic 01!
PVC Plastic 02!
Classic Woody 2!
Metal Monster II!
Metal Monster 3!
PVC Plastic 01
PVC Plastic 02
Classic Woody 1
Classic Woody 2
Metal Monster II
Metal Monster 3
Multi Launch
Multi Launch Pad PVC
Launch Controllers!
All Kinds of Launch Controllers!  Wood, Metal and PVC!
Multi Launch Controller
Multi Launch Pad PVC
Launch Controllers 01
Launch Controllers 01
Launch Controllers 02
Launch Controllers 02
Launch Controllers 03
Launch Controllers 03