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Universal Rocketry Association News and Updates!
20100706 - URA is moving forward with filing a multi million dollar lawsuit against individuals
and the FAA!
20100801 - Beginning 20110101 HAZMAT registration will be incorporated into the URA
20100901 - Beginning 20110101 the URA waiver will change to a notification of rocketry
activities over 5K AGL!
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- The URA has revised the VFR guidelines, these revisions allow for a more reasonable
approach to personal rocketry.
20110609 - The URA has begun revision of guidelines for rocketry activities on or within 5
miles of airports to bring about a fair and reasonable use!
URA Launch Locater
20140506 - The URA is developing a response to use of RPV (Drones)! We seek to protect
our RIGHTS to fly Rockets!