The Universal Church
God's Church!
You don't need to go to "church" because no matter where you are, you're in The Universal Church!
The universe and everything in it is
God's Church! The Universal Church was specifically founded
God for Believers, but ALL people throughout the Universe are Welcome. The Universal Church
exists to spread
God's Message: The Word of God - The Testament.
The Universal Church
People like to get together to discuss, learn about, worship, and praise God, so God gave us The
Universal Church
! If you would like to get together, I am available to host a church gathering and
God pretty much anywhere in the universe!  Let me know and we can make arrangements.  
The Word of God - The Testament
The Word of God - The Testament, to download your copy, right mouse click
on the picture, save it to your computer, open it, and follow the instruction to
print it out! Print out a copy for a friend! Burn a copy on CD to share!

Help spread:
The Word of God - The Testament
If you have questions about:

The Word of God - The Testament
The Believer Faith
The Universal Church

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Our YouTube Channel for The Universal Church!
The Universal Church - WorldWide Conference 2020
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The Oldest, Largest, Friendliest, and Fastest
Growing Church in the Universe!
The Believer Faith - is the original or first, faith or religion in the universe, begun when the
question was asked what created the universe, something (
God) or nothing. God Appeared and
Spoke to Terry W. Wheelock , giving him a message to give to
ALL in the universe! That message
is, "
The Word of God - The Testament". A person is a Believer if they hear God's message,
believe it, express it, and practice it.
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