VolksRocket™ Project
"The World's First Civilian Manned Rocket!"™
VolksRocket Project
VolksRocket - Aquatic Launch Platform
VolksRocket - Mobile Launch System
By Land or Sea get ready for RocketRides!
VolksRocket™ - Mobile Launch System
VolksRocket™ - Aquatic Launch Platform

The VolksRocket™ Project is a fully reusable single stage vehicle
developed by
Universal Aerospace, Inc.  It consists of a booster
section and the capsule section.  The capsule section seats a single
individual and is designed for suborbital rides to the edge of space.  The
VolksRocket™ uses proven off-the-shelf technology for easy and
reliable performance.  The intent of the
VolksRocket™ is to perfect and
demonstrate the operation of a fully reusable manned spacecraft.

As development has proceeded we have improved the booster section
giving us the ability to create multiple configurations to meet the needs of
the mission.

Universal Aerospace, Inc. is targeting the VolksRocket™ Series of
suborbital vehicles for
RocketRides, as well as Small Satellite
, and Space Equipment Qualification.

VolksRocket™ VR-CV was flown once unmanned, the VR-FTV was
flown twice, once unmanned and once with a single pilot making it........

"The World's First Civilian Manned Rocket!"™

Height: 33 ft. 6 in.
Diameter: 5 ft.
GTOW: 5,000 lbs.

Rocket Engine: 1 - AJ-10 Regenerative @ 10,000 lbs. thrust
Fuel and Oxidizer Propellant: Kerosene/LOX

Payload Capacity: 1 - Pilot/Tourist
Pressure: 10 psi
VolksRocket VR-CV (Concept Vehicle)
VolksRocket™ VR-CV (Concept Vehicle)
VolksRocket VR-FTV (Flight Test Vehicle) - The World's First Civilian Manned Rocket!
VolksRocket™ VR-FTV (Flight Test Vehicle)
VolksRocket™ VR-1A (Configuration 1A)
VolksRocket VR-1A (Configuration 1A)
VolksRocket VR-1B (Configuration 1B)
VolksRocket - The World's First Civilian Manned Rocket!
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