CamRover™ Project
CamRover Project
The World's First Civilian Camera Rover on the Moon!
The CamRover™ Project is simply to develop a Camera
to be landed on the Moon and Explore!

CamRover™ will Rove the Moon by Public Choice!  Which will be determined by Internet Polls!

Length: < 3 ft. (retracted/stowed)
Width: < 2 ft. (retracted/stowed)
Height: < 2 ft. (retracted/stowed)
Weight: < 25 lbs.

Drive Engines: 4 - 12 VDC
Power Generation: 2 - 7.2 VDC LIPO Battery Packs/ 4 - Solar Panels

Video: 2 - HD Manual Zoom
CamRover - CR-1A
CamRover CR-1B
CamRover CR-1C
CamRover CR-1D
CamRover CR-1E
CamRover CR-1F
SpaceSuit - SS-02A
Tranquility Lunar Base
Proposed Landing Site!
Lunar Lander 3.0
Lunar Landing Vehicle!
CamRover CR-1F1
CamRover CR-1F1
CamRover CR-2A1
CamRover CR-3A1
CamRover CR-4A1