Alpha Vehicle Specifications:

The Alpha™ Project is a fully reusable two stage vehicle being
development by
Universal Aerospace, Inc.  The upper stage, dubbed
Alpha™ A-1A SRV (Space Reusable Vehicle) is a three-person
spaceplane designed to take one pilot and two mission specialists into
space.  Intended to use off-the-shelf technology where possible, the
may also be launched from the ground as a suborbital spacecraft.

Three potential configurations for the lower stage (or launch vehicle) are
being evaluated as development proceeds:

The first is a
Air Launched Horizontal Landing (ALHL) solid rocket
RLV (Reusable Launch Vehicle) derived from the Pegasus by
Orbital Sciences Corporation.  This vehicle carried the A-1A upper
stage for the flight test phase.

The second is a
Horizontal Takeoff Horizontal Landing (HTHL) liquid
FlyBack booster RLV.  This vehicle will carry the A-1A in the
piggyback configuration and is ultimately expected to evolve into the final
RLV lower stage as the design matures.

The third is a
Vertical Takeoff Horizontal Landing (VTHL) rocket
booster option.  In this configuration the
A-1A will be launched atop
currently available commercial launch vehicles such as our
Boeing Delta IV-M, the LMCO Atlas V 500, and a RLV based on the
Thor (a former USAF ICBM)

Universal Aerospace, Inc.
is targeting the Alpha™ Series of
spaceplanes for
SubOrbital and Orbital RocketRides, as well as
Crew Transfer, Small Satellite Launches, and Emergency Rescue.

Length: 28 ft.
Width: 15 ft. 6 in.
Height: 11 ft. 1 in.
Diameter: 5 ft.
GTOW: 10,000 lbs.

Rocket Engine: 1 - AJ-10 Regenerative @ 10,000 lbs. thrust
Fuel and Oxidizer Propellant: Kerosene/LOX

Payload Capacity: 1 - Pilot, 1 - Co-Pilot, and 1 - Crew/Tourists
Pressure: 10 psi
Alpha™ Project
Alpha Project
"The World's First Civilian Manned Reusable Spacecraft!"™
Alpha A-1A - Design for the X Prize Competition!
Alpha A-1A - Simulation Model for XPrize Competition!
Alpha A-1A - Original Simulation Cockpit View
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Introducing:  Alpha™

Original conceived as an entrant for the "X Prize!"  But continued to aid
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Alpha Development - History!
Alpha 1995-2000
Alpha 2000-Present
Alpha 1976 Concept
Alpha A-1A - The World's First Civilian Manned Reusable Spacecraft!
Alpha A-1A Front View!
Alpha A-1A Rear View!