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Dave Webber - Candidate for Senator - New York!
Terry W. Wheelock - THE INDEPENDENT PARTY - Candidate!
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Dave WEBBER 2018
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Dave WEBBER 2018
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Dave WEBBER 2018

My name is Dave Webber and I am running for US Senator in the Great State of New York!

The TOP FIVE Issues:

Social Security and Medicare

As Senator I will fight to preserve SOCIAL SECURITY and MEDICARE - CHOICE for ALL New Yorkers!

Cut Taxes of New York State

As Senator I will fight to CUT TAXES for ALL New Yorkers, bringing back Manufacturing Jobs!

Opioid Crisis

As Senator I will fight the OPIOID CRISIS  at the SOURCE to solve the Problem for ALL New Yorkers!

Immigration Reform

As Senator I will fight to SECURE the BORDER and REFORM IMMIGRATION law for ALL New Yorkers!

Establishment Politics

As Senator I will fight ESTABLISHMENT POLITICS and the BIAS that exists to break the "two party system"
for ALL New Yorkers!