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McBride 4 Senate
McBride 4 Senator
Job Creation, Education, Healthcare, Domestic and World Tranquility
Terry W. Wheelock - THE INDEPENDENT PARTY - Candidate!
McBride 4 Senate

My name is Arlester (Mack) McBride and I am seeking as a 'WRITE-IN Candidate', the seat for
Senator, in the 'Special Election' of the Great State of Alabama!

Whereby I have many areas of concern. I am very passionate about four in particular; Domestic and
World Tranquility, Education, Healthcare and Job Creation

Domestic and World Tranquility – This world has sufficient wealth and resources to ensure peace of
mind and serenity for each citizen. No individual in this country and abroad should have to worry about
having the basic needs to live a healthy, happy and prosperous life. While we are fighting this so called
‘war on terrorism’ from the outside, we are being eaten away at the core from the inside. We are not
taking care of our most precious resource, our people. Too many are dying needlessly every day from
sickness, poverty, lack of medical care, hand guns, domestic abuse, kidnapping, and the list goes on and
on. If we were to place as much emphasis on the aforementioned as we do the ‘war on terrorism’, we
could eradicate these problems immensely.

Education – Our educational system is among the best in the world. Our teachers and administrators are
better trained than ever before. Our students are more intelligent and have more opportunities than at
any other time in history. Our support staff is highly trained as well. However, as in any profession, there
is always room for improvement. As Senator, I would concentrate on the following.

Pre-Kindergarten – High School

Compensate teachers and support personnel like the professionals they are.
Eliminate the high cost of textbooks.
Eliminate the number of standardized tests.
Eliminate the high cost of attorney fees.
Eliminate unnecessary paperwork for teachers and administrators.
Allow local school systems to have more disciplinary control.
Allow local schools and systems to create innovative means to better utilize federal money.
Make health and physical education mandatory daily for all students grades pre k – twelve.
Replace junk food in the schools and lunchrooms with a well-balanced diet.
Seek better qualifications for the Board of Education members.
Eliminate fund raising in the schools.
Downsize State Departments of Education.

Higher Education

Propose better selection of Board of Trustees.

Work with institutions to empower faculty, staff and students to choose presidents, vice presidents, deans
and department heads.

Withdraw federal contracts from institutions that give higher compensations to athletic staff than they do

Most systemic and generic problems in education are different within each state, system and school.
Schools should work with other agencies to identify problems with each individual student. Most problems
with low achieving students occur because many parents work two or more jobs and do not have the
quality time to devote to that child. As Senator, I would do all within my power to provide necessary
assistance in this area. The major disciplinary problem in the schools today involves bullies. Bulling is
what we did to Afghanistan and Iraq. How can we teach our children the benefits of conflict resolution
when our country is not practicing it? These wars have done more to enhance the disciplinary problems
we have in our schools today than any other single act. Education has always been the future of our
country. I would always ensure that our schools remain second to none.

Health Care – I believe in comprehensive health care for each citizen similar to the ones the people in
congress have. In order to develop the best health care plan, we have to bring all significant parties
together; hospital administrators, doctors, nurses, staff personnel, pharmaceutical companies, equipment
makers, etc. These groups can develop a plan and present it to the Insurance companies. If the
insurance companies do not accept it the states will have the opportunity to develop their own insurance

Job Creation – Creating jobs is of utmost concern for the continued welfare our great nation. I would
heavily concentrate on agricultural jobs. Farming is the backbone of our country and the world. We need
clean and healthy food more so now than ever. I would seek to create thousands of small farms all across
Alabama and this great nation. Many citizens prefer working the land if they had the opportunity.
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