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Charles Laramie - Candidate for Governor - Vermont!
A Vision for Vermont!
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Charles Laramie 2018
- 802-352-7184
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Charles Laramie 2018
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Charles Laramie 2018

My name is Charles Laramie and I am running for Governor of the Great State of Vermont!

The TOP FIVE Issues:


Our children are our greatest resource. We do not have the best education system…but we could have.


We must give our students the skills they will need to take part in the workforce, college, trade school, or
the military; whichever they choose they must be prepared.

Health Care

The right to available and affordable health care is a necessity and a healthy body is as much a part of
education as reading and writing.


To compete with other regions for businesses Vermont must insure that it has the best transportation and
communication infrastructure.


The economy will be good when everyone has the same chance. It begins with a livable wage.
The Independent Party of Vermont!