About Us
We are THE party for ALL PEOPLE! We are the party in the MIDDLE! We have the just and fair
solution for
ALL ISSUES! We have the platform to UNITE the WORLD!
The Independent Party

- Independent International Committee -
The "origin" of "The Independent Party" began as a third choice, a better choice than the other parties.

On July 4th 1976 by law the name was changed to
The Independent Party - Independent International
Committee (TIPIIC).

TIPIIC became "official" when it emerged on the international stage in 2000 as THE BEST CHOICE, better than
the "other" parties, or any other party!

TIPIIC is the political party created not by professional politicians, but by a diverse group of the people from
different backgrounds, national origins, ages, ethnicities, sexualities, and beliefs. Truly a party of the people,
by the people, and for the people! ALL the People!

TIPIIC represents the freedom and Individual rights, the wants and needs, and the voice of the people who
have become increasingly frustrated and disenfranchised with the political system and leaders.

The world needed a party that would bring the discussion, debate, cooperation, collaboration, and the solution
to disagreement, to do the business of the people. We listen to the people, we understand the challenges that
we face together as individuals and as a nation.

It is time for leadership not dictatorship around the world! Together we can find solutions to the issues facing
the citizens (the nation) today. As a nation we can succeed, if we work together we can accomplish the

TIPIIC can create an environment where The Dreams and The Ideals can be realized! We work and advocate
for progress on political and social issues, have adopted policies and the platform that effect positive change,
insist on free, open, and equal access to the ballot, media, and vote, equal representation by our elected
officials, demand fiscal responsibility, and transparency by our "SERVANTS" of the people!

As political, economic, and cultural divides created by the "other" parties tries to drive a wedge farther between
the Nations, there is no way to keep out of politics, all issues are political and personal. People can no longer
afford to sit by and let the “Politicians as Is” continue the status quo!

TIPIIC is and represents the voice and THE BEST CHOICE for the People. All nations CAN be FREE nations,
nations of We the People, And, with your help, WE CAN!

The Independent Party - Independent International Committee, (TIPIIC) for a More Perfect Union and World.
The Independent Party
The Party in the Middle!
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THE INDEPENDENT PARTY - The Party in the Middle!
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