Thing!™ Theory
The Things that make the Universe Go!
Thing! Theory - The study of Things in the Universe!
What is the most important Thing! in the Universe?
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Things come in all different shapes, sizes, and.......they make the Universe Happen!
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Thing! Theory - What makes the Universe Go Round!
Basic Thing Shapes - They are Things of Beauty!
Do Things Look Like!

They are Things of Beauty!
If YOU know how Things Work, then YOU know how the Universe Works!
T Theory - The Study of Universal Mechanixs
The GOD Particle - It's Just a Thing!
  • Things are the Dividing Line Between Energy and Matter!
  • Things are the Smallest Thing in Existence!
  • Things are in Constant Motion!
  • Everything is Made Up of Things!
  • Things Give Shape to Everything!
  • Things In Order Create Objects!
  • The Number of Things Give Mass to Objects!
  • Objects Create Mass Fields!
  • Mass Fields Create Migrity! (Mass Effect)