Rover Challenge!
Build a Camera Rover for Us to Explore the Moon!
Space Challenge!
The Prize:
$5,000,000 Million Dollars
The Challenge:
Build a Lunar Camera Rover!
The Date:
December 31, 2017
Rover Challenge!
You Build the Rovers We Fly Them to the Moon!
4 Chances to Win!
Tranquility Lunar Base
Rover Challenge Landing Site!
Lunar Lander 3.0
Rover Challenge Landing Vehicle!
Rover Challenge Vehicle Specifications:

Length: < 3 ft. (retracted/stowed)
Width: < 2 ft. (retracted/stowed)
Height: < 2 ft. (retracted/stowed)
Weight: < 25 lbs.

Drive Engines: Optional
Power Generation: Optional

Video: 2 - HD Zoom
LADIES and Gentlemen.....Start Your ROVERS!
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