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We ARE going to SET the RECORD!
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Evel Knievel - A True American Hero!
First there was the X-1 Skycycle!
First, There Was:
The X-2 SkyCycle!
Then came the X-2 SkyCycle!
The X-1 SkyCycle!
Then Came:
Scheduled Jump Date!
X-3 SkyCycle!
VRSR-01 SkyCycle Specifications!
Length: 18.50 ft.
Width: 5 ft.
Height: 4 ft. 3 in.
Diameter: 36 in.
GTOW: 1,000 lbs.

Propulsion: RT- 4x4 @ 4,000 lbs. thrust
Fuel and Oxidizer Propellant: Water/Air

Payload Capacity: Pilot (Me), Co-Pilot (God and Evel)!
Pictures & Updates:
19740904:  Dream and Project Began!
The MAN! - The ROCKET! - The DREAM!
TBA:  Attempt Announced to Public!
Donate $20 and Get a Ticket to the Jump!
20081001:  Terry "Wheels" Wheelock StepsUp!
TBA:  Final Design Selected!
TBA:  VRSR-01 Vehicle Finished!
TBA:  VRSR-01 Test Flight!
The X-3 SkyCycle!
The Legend Evel Knievel!
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